Having everything in one place makes life easier. Period.

Never is this more true than when it comes to the gym owner’s administrative headache of trying to organize all things client management in one place.

“Most systems that are stand alone require you to manage users in that system and they do not talk to other systems,” explained HybridAF’s Albert Steed.

In other words, when you have systems that don’t talk to each other, the gym owner finds themselves having to use four different systems for four different tasks, manually turning people on and off in different places. Tedious and time consuming, to say the least.



Enter integration

This is why HybridAF integrates seamlessly with just about every client management software under the sun, including Wodify, Zen Planner, PushPress, MindBody, Mariana Tek, Plan 2 Play, ArBox, Trainerize, Pike 13 and Acuity, and we’re also in the process of interfacing with FitHive and Xplor.

Currently, HybridAF is the only company “this deeply within all the gym management platforms,” Steed said.

“When we enable the interface, the member management platform starts feeding information to the Hybrid app,” he explained. “Our integrations to all the different providers allow (gym owners) to use their member management system as the system of truth.”

Practically speaking, when a member is given permission to use the gym by whatever software that gym owner uses, HybridAF is notified and grants access to open the door. And when a member needs to be removed, the gym owners make the changes in their client management system and HybridAF is notified and removes access.

More recently, HybridAF has also been “going even deeper,” Steed explained, so that the member management platform can also let HybridAF know which classes a member has registered for, allowing the gym owner to grant access to the facility during specific days and times.

Ultimately, this makes the HybridAF app leaps and bounds ahead of anything else that’s out there, not to mention safe and secure.

“The entire goal for us and the integrations with our partners is to provide the most seamless, safe and secure way for granting additional access to the gym,” all the while ensuring those who shouldn’t have access no longer do, Steed said.

Praise from Wodify

Wodify’s CMO Brendan Rice reiterated how easy it has been for the gym owners he works with to integrate Wodify with HybridAF.

“With just a few simple steps to connect the accounts, owners can easily add and remove secure 24-hours access to their gym to select clients’ profiles,” Rice said, adding that the integration has made a world of difference to his HybridAF customers, gym owners whose were “looking to add more flexibility to their membership offering,” he explained.

The bigger picture, however, is that “with HybridAF and Wodify, gym owners can save time keeping track of who has access and increase their revenue by providing more value for their clients,” he said.