In a recent Morning Chalk Up article about cost-saving tips, they reported that Traie Roberson, the owner of Rushmore CrossFit, has been able to save by money reducing 30 staffing hours a month since becoming a HybridAF gym and adding a 24/7 service option to her members. Turns out, she’s not the only one cutting costs through using HybridAF:



The owner of CrossFit Winnersville in Valdosta, GA has been a member of HybridAF since October 2017. He says it has not just saved him money, but has also helped him earn additional revenue.

• His gym had been open for four years prior to introducing 24/7 access to his members, and during this time he “rarely closed on holidays,” he explained. “I always had the mindset that athletes are paying so much a month, I need to provide them class times,” he said.
• Since installing HybridAF, he has been able to close on holidays, or at least put out a limited schedule, meaning he doesn’t have to pay coaches on holidays.
• Further, Barcol offers the 24/7 service as an add-on service, which has allowed him to earn an additional $800 in revenue each month. “I can honestly say it has been extremely hands free, zero issues, (and) and extra $800 in my hand every month,” he said.


Lifestyle Improvements: Because he no longer has to be open on holidays, Barcol explained it has helped him stay closed “guilt free on holidays, I have much more fun time on my hands,” he said.

COVID: Dave Rubin, the owner of Courage Fitness in Durham, NC, said adding HybridAF has been the best decision he has made in 12 years of business. And the pandemic made that even more true.

“During COVID, it has given us an added advantage of giving our members a way to feel as comfortable as possible to get their workouts in…It really puts the gym in a great position to serve people in the safest way possible,” Rubin said.


1. Small things add up: Though tedious, take the time to go through all your subscriptions (be it software or otherwise) and your phone bill and make sure you’re using everything you’re paying for. Doing this helped one gym owner we spoke with immediately save $1,100. Small things can add up to big savings.

2. Hire slowly: Make sure you take the time to hire the right people in the right positions. Retraining staff is expensive, not to mention time consuming.

3. Understand your revenue streams: Similar to how a restaurant owner should know exact profit margins on each dish on their menu, you should know how each revenue stream is doing. If your competitor’s program is costing you money, it might be time to rethink how you pricing is or roll it out.