Hit a WOD at 2 a.m.?

Other CrossFit affiliates are embracing the idea of running a 24-hour gym through HybridAF, a company that works with the insurance provider Affiliate Guard to install access systems to provide 24-hour access to members, seven days a week.

Currently, HybridAF works with 126 member gyms in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and Germany, 105 of which are CrossFit affiliates. They have also picked up six new affiliates in the last few weeks as more and more gyms prepare to reopen their doors.

  • “With the changes in gyms, Hybrid AF 24/7 is really becoming a viable part of gyms as they reopen with smaller class sizes and the need to have a management system that would allow members to access the gym,” said Philip Tabor, the VP of sales at HybridAF.
  • “The benefit is that as phase one plans roll out and gyms are asked to limit class sizes to 10 (people), being open 24/7 allows their members more access in a safe and compliant manner…And members who are concerned about going to a class have the option to go in at an off time (when the facility is quiet),” said Arthur Steed, the president of HybridAF.

Hybrid AF’s management software also allows gyms to control and limit the number of people who can access the facility at any given time, based on their state regulations, Steed added.

Dave Rubin, the owner of CrossFit Durham in NC said the 24/7 option is about to become even more valuable to his members.

  • “It gives us more freedom to provide the safest environment for our members, and work within our city and state’s regulations and restrictions. Our members will appreciate having the option to train in the manner that they personally deem the safest for themselves, as well,” Rubin said.
  • “Being part of the HybridAF network has been the best decision we’ve made in our 12 years as a CrossFit affiliate,” he added.

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