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Gym owners – Welcome to 2020! 

The great New Year’s Resolution rush is upon the fitness industry. We know that people around the globe have made goals for 2020 that include health and wellness as well as personal and professional goals. You, as a gym owner are instrumental in helping people meet these goals along with goals they haven’t even personally considered. 

2020 Goals

When you were doing your 2020 business planning did you have goals for your facility to become more profitable?  How about the goal to allow yourself more free time to grow the business while still maintaining a positive work life balance with your family? If the answer is yes then it’s time to begin offering 24/7/365 at your facility. Joining #HybridAF empowers your facility with the best in class, app driven, access 

system for your members and yourself as an owner. The system checks off all the boxes that insurance underwriters are looking for to safely and securely offer unattended access in your space.  

Hybrid Athlete Foundation is excited to announce that we have over 115 participating gyms in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. We have also made a big push to help make 24/7/365 even more seamless for our owners by integrating our system the top membership management systems in the fitness industry. #HybridAF is fully integrated for member access management with Wodify, Push Press, Zen Planner, Pike 13 and Mind Body.  


What does this mean to you?  For example, while you are in Wodify, you can simply update your athlete to have #HybridAF access and they will receive an email with the information they need to access your facility. If your member were to cancel his or her membership you simply remove access in Wodify and they no longer have access to the door. No longer will you have to manage access in two places, change keys, reset codes, or other tedious ways of managing access since all systems work together.  No other access system can claim the features and integrations that #HybridAF brings to your facility and when you read the reviews from gym owners and members you won’t just be taking our word on that.


2020 is your time to set your facility apart from your competitors by offering 24/7/365 access to your members and the community in which you serve. Let us help you reach your 2020 business goals by giving you back time with our stress free, compliant platform! 


Let us help increase your revenue and membership satisfaction today. Visit our website at https://hybridaf.com. Call 84-HYBRIDAF (844-927-4313) or email sales@hybridaf.com.

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#Hybrid100 and Beyond


A big thank you to the #First100 that trusted us with empowering their gym and members with 24/7/365 access.


Welcome to our new 24/7/365 Facilitates!

CrossFit Explode – West Chester, PA

CrossFit Forward – Fredericksburg, VA

DogTown CrossFit – Los Angeles, CA

Crossfit Manassas – Manassas, VA

CrossFit Endemic – Fountain, CO

CrossFit West Geist – Fishers, IN

True Peak Health & Performance – Manchester, NH

CrossFit SFS – Hume, ACT

CrossFit 413 – Fort Smith, AR

CrossFit Menace – Brighton, MI

Santiam CrossFit – Albany, OR

CrossFit Belmont Heights – Long Beach, CA

Mint Strength – Scottsdale, AZ

Black Bolt CrossFit – Cary, NC

Crystal Coast Strength & Conditioning – Swansboro, NC

Anderson Creek CrossFit – Spring Lake, NC

CrossFit Pine Creek – Pittsburgh, PA

Nuclear CrossFit – Lubbock, TX

Perry Hall CrossFit – White Marsh, MD

Cummings Strength & Conditioning – Cumming, GA

Noskov Fitness – Northvale, NJ

CrossFit Land Mine – Pahrump, NV

Pivotal Training – Southampton, NJ

CrossFit 8035 – Des Moines, IA

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It is the Hybrid Athlete Foundation’s mission to connect gyms and athletes into one solid, supportive network of 24 hour, 7 day a week gyms that encourages athletes to take accountability and pride in their own fitness. Our platform is built to enable gym owners to offer 24/7/365 services to their members seamlessly. 
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