Are you always open during the OPEN?
World renowned, 7x Games Athlete, Scott Panchik, explains why it is important to stay OPEN.
According to in 2017:
  • There are over 38,000 gyms in the United States increasing by roughly 2,000 additional gyms per year.
  • Worldwide, there are over 201,000 health clubs, not including the gym or CrossFit category.
  • Virtual fitness and nutritional planning are an entire category on its own.
That is a lot of competition for a gym owner.
Have you asked yourself, what makes my gym different? What do you offer to your members that puts you in front of your competition not only locally but worldwide? How are you enhancing the customer experience?
The #HybridAF platform provides a system that will put you ahead of your competition. The system offers value not only for your members, but also for you as a gym owner. Without franchising your footprint, your members will have access to over 70+ other gyms in the #HybridAF network, have 24/7/365 access to your facility and have the opportunity to train on his or her own schedule while saving you overhead expenses during open gym hours.
Here is feedback from two of our #HybridAF affiliates as to why they implemented the #HybridAF platform
Scott Panchik, 7x Games athlete and owner of CrossFit Mentality, felt there was something missing in his personal training. “When I first started into CrossFit, I had a very busy schedule. My time was limited, and it was challenging to do the training I needed to do with limited access to a gym. This system would have given me more opportunity to train on my schedule when I began in CrossFit. The #HybridAF system gives you flexibility. You can implement it however is best for you and your gym.”
The system immediately brings value to your current members who chose to utilize the app, but it also opens your market by expanding your current services. Panchik says, “it has offered options that diversify us from our competitors.” and “any gym looking to diversify and give their members more opportunity to reach their full potential should implement this platform at their gym.”
Matt Temesy, owner of CrossFit Clayton in North Carolina, launched the system in May of 2018 and has since seen a large increase in his monthly revenue. “Annually, the system will increase our revenue by over $21,000.00,” said Temesy. CrossFit Clayton has added 16 new Open Gym members and over 40 members added the 24/7 option onto their existing membership totaling over $1,700 more in revenue per month for his gym. Bringing his three-year return on investment to over $56,000 and they are just getting started.
Welcome to the newest #HybridAF Affiliates!
CrossFit Charlotte, Charlotte NC
CrossFit Hoka Hey, Hemet CA
CrossFit Kainos, Soldotna AK
Grid CrossFit, New Berlin WI
Power Performance, Loveland OH
West Metro CrossFit, Wheat Ridge CO
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