The Hybrid Athlete Foundation, or #HybridAF® is the result of the teams combined vision on how to redefine the fitness marketplace for experienced athletes looking for a place to train on their schedule. It is the Hybrid Athlete Foundation's mission to connect gyms and athletes into one solid, supportive network of 24 hour, 7 day a week gyms that encourages athletes to take accountability and pride in their own fitness.   The #HybridAF platform provides immediate revenue for gyms and increased flexibility for staffed hours and member access.

The Team

Albert Steed - President -
Albert brings a background in software development and a passion for fitness to the company. He is responsible for the day to day operations and helping drive the vision of what #HybridAF will become.

Philip Tabor - Vice President of Sales -
Philip is a seasoned sales executive and a gym owner with his wife in Cary, NC. Philip brings a true understanding of the hurdles that gyms owner's face and how #HybridAF can help.

Josh Lynch - International Account Manager -
Husband of the most amazing woman ever and father of 5. Most recently an Affiliate owner turned #HybridAF advocate. So much value and opportunity for gyms that I wanted to help other gyms get set up with #HybridAF.

Matt Murray - Systems Architect -
Matt is a software developer by trade and helps drive the #HybridAF platform forward. He is also heir to house Murray as he likes to tell Paul.

Paul Murray - Systems Architect -
Paul is also a software developer by trade and is helping drive the #HybridAF platform forward. Paul concedes the house but has a better powerlifting total at the 181 class.

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