What Could Possibly NOT Go Wrong with Unattended Access?

We get it. The thought of giving your clients unattended access to your affiliate gym, even when you’re not there, is a scary one.

What if,

what if,

what if…

Ohio Strength affiliate owner Ryan McFadyen had these types of fears, too, but decided to give Hybrid AF a shot, and “pretty much every fear that I had about starting 24/7 access quickly went away after implementing it,” he said. “I wish I would have done it sooner.”

Affiliate owner Saul Garcia mimicked this sentiment: “We were worried, too, but we went full 24/7 and have no regrets,” he said.

Myth Buster Time!

Will my insurance cover
unattended access?

Hybrid AF is 100 percent approved by all major insurance providers, including AGuard, the most popular insurance provider of the small functional fitness and CrossFit affiliate, and CrossFit RRG, meaning your coverage will be the same as it always is should you go the unattended access route.

Further, as affiliate owner John Murie explained, “Nothing worse can happen after hours that can’t already happen during the day.”

I won’t know what is
happening in my own gym

Incorrect. The Hybrid AF security system has an option that allows you to be alerted whenever the facility is accessed, so it’s easy to check your cameras to see what is going on in your gym, providing you with that all important peace of mind.

Some affiliate owners, like Andrea Nisler, the owner of Timberwolf Fitness in Minneapolis, use this feature to her advantage. For Nisler, it’s a chance to pop in virtually and say hi and greet members who are accessing her facility when she isn’t there.

“I’d rather see everyone in person, of course, but knowing I can just pop on the camera and say hi gives it a more personal feel still to keep that CrossFit-type family, community vibe going,” she said.

Further, this also means Nisler can let in, for example, UPS or FedEx, as she can simply buzz them in to drop the package off when she’s not there. 

I’m concerned about
midnight gym goers

Although the thought of people working out at midnight or 3 a.m. might make you apprehensive, most Hybrid AF affiliate owners have found it’s actually incredibly uncommon for people to use the affiliate gym after midnight. More often, people take advantage of the 24/7 access during the day during off-hours, or shortly after or before the first class of the day.

Check This Out

That being said, if you’re not super stoked about people showing up when you’re asleep, you can set your system up to limit the access times to be, for example, between 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. The sky is really the limit with the Hybrid AF app.

What if the doors are
left unlocked?

Because Hybrid AF relies on a secure app, no keys are involved, so your door will remain safely locked, and only those who have been granted the ability to open the door via the app will be able to access the facility.

This also makes it incredibly easy to add or remove people from the list, or limit their access times if need be. What makes this especially easy is how the Hybrid AF integrates with all the major CRM systems affiliate owners use, such as PushPress, Zen Planner, Wodify, Triib and Mindbody to name a few.

What can go RIGHT?

Now that the myths about what can go wrong have been busted, let’s consider what can go right with Hybrid AF.

For Tim Pedersen of CrossFit 15-501, 24/7 access has added a ton of value to his clientele, especially to his doctor and nurse clients, as well as parents who “come in all over the place,” he said. 

And depending on whether or not you charge for 24/7 access, it can also be a revenue generator, like it is for Kelly Barcol, the owner of CrossFit Winnersville, an affiliate who has been with Hybrid AF since 2017. But even if you don’t charge more for the service, it can still be a money-saver, as you no longer have to pay a coach to be there, for example, during open gym time, he explained. 

For Andrea Nisler, introducing 24/7 access has taken the pressure off her to open the affiliate gym early, or stay late, something she said has been a huge relief, as she knows her members are being accommodated even in her absence. 

Michael Duff, the owner of CrossFit Culpeper, put it this way: “It’s one of those things you don’t think too much about until you have it and now you can’t live without it.”

And at the very least, having Hybrid AF in your corner can ensure you can, maybe, finally, take a few extra days off over Christmas, and come back fresh and ready to go.