Last October, CrossFit LLC announced the introduction of the

CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network (APN),

a program that allows affiliate owners to access to some of the community’s most trusted brands, while also offering a variety of affiliate-only discounts, revenue-generating opportunities, and member acquisition programs.

The APN began with 20 brands, ranging from apparel to consumables to software companies, and most recently HybridAF has been added to the list.

HybridAF couldn’t be more excited and honored about the opportunity to be included in this exclusive network.

“The opportunity to join the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network involved a rigorous process of review and vetting by the CrossFit team, and we are delighted to successfully complete that process to offer our services to CrossFit affiliates through the APN,” explained HybridAF Vice President of Business Development Phil Tabor.

HybridAF President Albert Steed added: “Gym access and security is one of the most important priorities for affiliates who want to ensure their members can take advantage of their memberships at the times that work best in their schedules. The CrossFit APN will allow CrossFit affiliates to discover and use HybridAF’s solutions to address those important needs.”

How does HybridAF’s inclusion in the Affiliate Partner Network support CrossFit?

HybridAF has a proven track record with integrations in over 300 CrossFit affiliates worldwide. After engaging with affiliate owners and hearing their testimonials about the positive support and service that HybridAF delivered, CrossFit saw an opportunity to formally bring HybridAF into the CrossFit community as a trusted brand within the APN – all as a means to serve affiliates. CrossFit is excited to work with HybridAF to help facilitate and enable CrossFit affiliates to increase revenues, enhance the member experience, and reinforce the affiliate’s core group classes by helping affiliate owners monetize the closed hours of their business.
According to Mike Marrone, Sr. Manager for the Affiliate Partner Network, “After discussing with numerous affiliate owners about the opportunities that HybridAF provided in helping them grow their affiliate, we were really excited to bring HybridAF into the APN. When we look at crafting opportunities to support affiliates and help their business thrive, this is a key APN brand that – if affiliates see it as fitting their culture – can serve to augment and amplify their core CrossFit classes.
HybridAF’s integrations with other key APN partners, including CrossFit RRG, PushPress, and Zen Planner, are also great benefits of the relationship.

Including HybridAF’s 24/7 access and security into the APN provides an opportunity to help affiliate owners generate increased revenues that coincide with their core group classes, all the while providing maximum convenience for the client. This not only enhances the member experience, but augments the affiliate’s prime group classes by helping affiliate owners monetize the closed hours of their business, and generating additional revenue for the affiliate owner, who can now offer “additional membership levels for open gym access,” Tabor explained.

“CrossFit affiliates can immediately see an increase in revenue and capitalize on the square footage that is not being used during class times or when the affiliate is not staffed,” Tabor said.

Further, being part of HybridAF—a network that currently includes 330 affiliates worldwide—makes it easier to transition new members who might move from a city where they use a HybridAF affiliate and want those same services in their new home.
Finally, in terms of being part of the CrossFit APN, this means “CrossFit has negotiated the most favorable rate,” Tabor explained, so that the affiliate owner knows they will be getting the best possible rate to join the HybridAF community.

He added: “We hope that the success we have shown over the past five years will help enable new affiliate owners the ability to grow faster, while also giving themselves and their members more flexibility, particularly as we work towards a new normal that has emerged out of the last two years. We continue to strive to be the best in class tool for affiliate owners to capitalize on their facility 24 hours a day.”

10+ Year Affiliate Owners Weigh In

Mike Garrett from CrossFit Goldsboro (he was gym #3 that was one of the 3 original launch partners). All 3 originals are still part of the network. :)
My fitness faculty Crossfit Goldsboro has been in busy for 13 years now and we joined HybridAF in 2016! 24/7 has been a game changer for our clients. My Crossfit, Weightlifters, Endurance, and Weight Loss clients can train around their schedules not just our group fitness schedule. Clients are busy and this allows our business to eliminate a excuse 💯

Danny from CrossFit Soul:
Hybrid Athlete Foundation was a perfect addition to our services here at Team Soul. Including a 24 hour access option has made life much easier on our staff and added a ton of value to our membership offerings. Their customer service is awesome and are always willing to support us when needed. Easy set up, and simple to use. We love it and so do our members.

Dave from Courage Fitness Durham:

We first installed of November 2018, just after Thanksgiving. It’s honestly one of the top 3 things we’ve done since opening in 2008. When we first went online with it, we decided to include “open gym” access for all of our folks on unlimited memberships, which was probably 90% of them. Day one, we increased rates on those folks by $5/month, which at the time was about $1000/month in added revenue. We’ve since grown to 400 members, pre-Covid, and sit at about 290 right now. Better part was we decided to increase our new member rates at that point an additional $10 on top of the $5 increase for our existing folks. So, in 3 years that’s amounted to literally 10s of thousands of dollars we may not have otherwise charged or collected.

We currently sell an “open gym only” membership at a rate of $129 (13 payments a year). We generate between $3500 and $4000/month on that membership alone. We also have increased our ability to provide individual programming for members to do outside of normal class times. This comes at a rate of $199/month…currently around $3000 to $4000 monthly in added revenue as well.

Beyond these straight financial benefits, having the ability for members to use the gym during non staffed, non class hours means easier membership sales and fewer cancelations. In both situations, the excuse of “the schedule doesn’t work” or “i don’t have time” is a lot easier to overcome.

Ultimately, this partnership has given us the ability to generate more revenue, provide more overall value to our members, remove many of the barriers people have to joining and/or leaving, and has removed pressure from the coaching team to always be present 24/7/365.