As a small gym owner, it’s easy to accidentally find yourself at the gym for 12 hours on any given day.
It wasn’t your plan, but then a client texted you and asked if she could come in to work on her muscle-ups at noon when there’s no class going on. SIGH. You want to accommodate this motivated client, so you skip your lunch break and stick around for another hour.


which allows you to provide safe access to your clients to your facility. So you can take that well-needed lunch break. Or a Christmas holiday. Or a weekend getaway. So you can stop living at your gym.

See what a difference 24 / 7 service makes:
When you talk to members who have had the opportunity to train at a HybridAF facility and take advantage of the 24/7 access option, it becomes clear that it’s a win, win situation.

“It’s super stressful to organize my schedule, so having an option to access the gym whenever I can is less stress on my plate. Before (24/7) access, I would put off school work because my window to study before the gym was too small. [Now] I go to the gym almost every day, so I use HybridAF daily. ”

Alexandria Alpy – Member, CrossFit Hilliard & College Student

“The service has helped me keep going at the gym because my schedule has been changing so much lately, (and) now I can go anytime I want to.”

Alejandro Delgado – Member, CrossFit Hilliard

A simple click of a button allows or removes accessibility…It is super easy for me to add a member to it and monitor their access requests.I get a simple notification that the gym door wasopened and who is in my facility.”

Graham Holmberg – Owner of CrossFit Hilliard in Ohio

“It gives me so much more flexibility with respect to when I can workout, which is really
nice. I’m not limited to working out during class times, which can sometimes limit the equipment I am able to use, and also have the ability to work on extra strength and skill work in the gym without someone having to be there to open the gym.”

Aninda Manocha -Member, CrossFit Durham in North Carolina