Are FacilKey and HybridAF the same company?

Do I have to be a micro-gym to be a FaciliKey or HybridAF member?

Does being part of HybridAF mean I have to allow 24/7 access drop-ins at my gym??

These are questions we constantly field, and it’s time to clear everything up and explain how FaciliKey or HybridAF can help your business grow, no matter what type of business it is.

But to answer the above questions first: Facilikey and HybridAF are sister companies, and being part of Facilikey doesn’t automatically
mean you will also be part of the HybridAF community.

FacilKey is designed for any small business that wants the ability to grant their members’ access to their facility. HybridAF then takes the FaciliKey features a step further and provides additional functionality and member benefits designed for micro gyms, functional fitness and CrossFit affiliates.

No. You can be part of HybridAF and not allow 24/7 access to members of other gyms. In fact, 99% of all drop-ins happen during class times. In short, HybridAF’s network becomes just another avenue to attract members and drop-ins alike to your location.

FaciliKey-HybridAF In Practice

FaciliKey is the engine that powers all access with the Digital Door Key platform. In this sense, it provides digital access and security solutions to small businesses, be it a CrossFit gym, a Pilates or yoga studio or even a church, allowing the business owner to say goodbye to clunky keys or universal passcodes, all the while giving them the peace of mind of knowing who is in their facility at any given time.

HybridAF, on the other hand, is an extension of this and really focuses on the functional gym market, both to provide them marketing power to help with member acquisition, as well as additional value to current members, who now have access to their gym 24/7.

If I sign up with FaciliKey, does this mean anyone with access can enter the facility any time they want?

No. Our apps also allow the owner the ability to grant access to a client, or even a group, on a specific day or specific times, and access can easily be removed at any given time. That being said, our apps do, of course, also allow an owner to offer 24-hour a day access. The bottom line is they provide the owner endless access options to whoever needs access to your facility at any given time.

So what’s the point of HybridAF then?

As we mentioned, FaciliKey functional fitness facility owners also have the option to become a part of the HybridAF gym community, and being part of the HybridAF community also offers other features specific to gyms, namely integration and a value add to members.

Integration: The HybridAF app integrates seamlessly with your client management system. From Wodify to Zen Planner, to PushPress, MindBody, xPlor Stuido, FitHive, Mariana Tek, Plan 2 Play, ArBox, Trainerize, Pike 13 and Acuity, the HybridAF app integrates with all the popular client management systems today, saving the gym owner the headache of having to use multiple systems that don’t recognize each other. Instead, when a member is granted permission to the gym through their client management system, the HybridAF app is notified and grants access to open the door. And when a member needs to be removed, the owner can make the change in their client management system, and Hybrid removes the access automatically.

Value Add: Being part of the HybridAF community also provides a value add to the gym’s members, and is especially useful to those who travel a lot, as it gives them the ability to workout at other HybridAF gyms when they’re on the road, generally at a discounted rate ranging from 25 to 100 percent off (the gym gets to set their own discounted rate for HybridAF drop-ins, or can choose not to discount at all). That being said, as we mentioned, gym owners can select to allow drop-ins or not. (It’s also important to note that prospective drop-ins still have to go through whatever process a gym has in place for allowing drop-ins, so it’s not as if strangers will automatically get access to the facility without the owner knowing).

Don’t Take It From Us.
Take It From Our Customers

“With HybridAF and Wodify (working together), gym owners can save time keeping track of who has access and increase their revenue by providing more value for their clients Wodify.” – CMO Brendan Rice

“It is the best system we have ever implemented in our gym. It has taken our 24/7 gym access to a professional level.” – Rhianon Schuman, owner of Denver Barbell Club