In July 2017, Drew Reeves, the owner of CrossFit Katy in Texas, was brainstorming ways he could use his facility during off hours to give his members more flexibility with their training schedule, all the while limiting additional business costs.

Then he stumbled across Hybrid Athlete Foundation and it seemed like the perfect solution: His members would have access to the facility 24/7, and the business could actually make some money in the process. And when he found out HybridAF already had “a system in place and would install and provide support on both the hardware and software side,” Reeves said he was sold.

Four years later, with 61 of CrossFit KATY members taking advantage of the 24/7 service, Reeves said signing up for HybridAF has been one of the best business decisions his team has made.

1. Increased Flexibility for Members:

Not only do CrossFit Katy members have access to the gym whenever they want, allowing them to get to the gym more frequently, they also get to use other Hybrid affiliate gyms at either for free or at a discounted rate, depending on the other gym’s policy.

This has been hugely valuable to many of his members, Reeves explained, as many of them travel for work.

2. Increased Performance and Client Retention:

This flexibility has paid off in his athletes’ performance, Reeves explained, adding that this is especially true of more veteran clients.

After a client has been a member for a while, there comes a time when they want to devote more time to specific skills and goals, Reeves said. “And if you don’t have Open gym time, then they will look at other options to fill that need,” he said.

“We saw over time people would try and do extra work during other class times. They would begin buying their own equipment, or even go to other gyms or facilities that had 24-hour options to get this work in,” he said. “We felt we needed to capture that revenue, and as well keep that member committed to our facility, and Hybrid has provided us that option.”

3. Reduced Coach Burnout:

Like any hard working business owner, Reeves and his coaches wanted to be able to take some time off, especially during various holidays. Before offering 24/7 service, it was a difficult thing to do, as members wanted to continue to workout to burn off all the Christmas party eating and drinking.

With HybridAF, Reeves and his team are able to take some time off, all the while their members can continue to train.

“Now, clients know they have the ability to add on to their membership for a small price without having to go add an additional membership or purchase equipment for their garage,” he said.

4. Caters to the Unique Business:

“The flexibility that Hybrid provides in allowing you to set up how you offer the program to your clients was a huge major plus for us,” Reeves said. “It’s very similar to the CrossFit model of allowing you the ability to use their concept, but implement it how you think it might work best for your affiliate.”

For example, some HybridAF gyms use the system for open gym memberships only, while others use it to give clients access to other services, such as karate or dance classes, and others still use it to sell individual program design to their clients. Not only that, but each gym can decide how much they want to charge for 24/7 access.

5. Provides Ongoing Support:

The technical support and service HybridAF provides is unmatched, Reeves explained.

“If there is ever an issue with the equipment and software, they fix the issue in less than 24 hours, and most of the time they will respond within 10 minutes of an email or request for help,” he said.

The bottom line: Becoming part of the HybridAF network has done exactly what Reeves wanted it to do: Help his clients, and the business’ bottom line.

“It has been one of the best decisions we made as an ownership team to date,” he said.