The Old Way:

Your gym is utilized for classes only a few hours daily during the week and with limited hours on weekends and holidays.  The remaining hours your facility sits idle, incurring costs. Your open gym or class schedule offers little or no flexibility for members who have progressed beyond needing daily instruction or that have missed structured times due to life's other responsibilities. When your members travel, they endure the hassles of contacting unresponsive gyms and are typically forced into a class and a drop-in/shirt fee.


The #HybridAF Way:

Your gym provides members the convenience of 24 hour access 365 days a year to your facility and all the facilities in the Hybrid AF network.  No longer forced to miss workouts due to life's interference, your members will appreciate the flexibly and time you have provided them.  With our secure app and from their mobile device, your members can access the facilities and get their training in when it is best for them. Traveling members will be welcomed by other #HybridAF affiliates as part of the reciprocated community access.  You make your members happy and your gym continues to produce revenue without you and your staff needing to be there.


Provide More Access
Provide your members with added hours of access but not added staff or payroll hours.
The weekend and holiday schedule will no longer be a source of stress as members will have access.

Earn More Income
Earn more income per member with a premium offering of 24/7 access.
Attract and gain new memebers with expanded hours.

Offer More Locations
Membership is reciprocated giving your members an option while traveling and gives you an edge on your competiton by providing additional member benefits.


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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
Here is what our customers have to say!


When I saw the Hybrid Athlete Foundation System, I knew it filled a void that our gym was missing. We wanted to continue with the community and environment that we had, but also give our athletes the freedom train whenever they need to.

At Evolution, we made the 24 hour access is an option to all members. If a member cannot get in and train in regular hours, it is no longer an issue. We laid out clearly defined standards and expectations for being at the gym at all hours of the day. As well as what to do if a new member comes in.

All of the feedback that we have gotten from our members has been positive and we hope to help grow the "network" in the future.

Daniel Skidmore
Owner Evolution Athletics East (formerly CrossFit Ft. Bragg)

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